About Us

DFS Consulting Group Ltd is a Malawian private company frolicsome professionals who came from different background and made “DFS” family. Our team is a reflection of our ethics and values that are followed from providing solutions and support wholeheartedly. They are the support pillars that take the company forward resulting in incessant growth. We have a team of experienced professionals who are excited about their work, and run by management with vibrant experience in security of the e-mails and websites. We are an exclusive partner in Malawi for Absalom Systems, a South Africa with 25+ years of focused development to support companies of all sizes and sectors across Africa, Asia and Australasia

SmartHR is owned and developed by Absalom Systems (Pty) Ltd, and is the HR technology company of choice for many companies across the globe. Absalom Systems holds the intellectual property rights to SmartHR. Because they own its source code, we can customise the solution to your requirements.

DFS Consulting Group Limited is the licensed and authorized local partner in Malawi. We provide outstanding remote and on-site support to all our clients across Malawi. We understand the regulatory and local compliance requirements in Malawi to help you succeed.

We are devoted to helping each and every one of our clients dramatically increase their business growth and performance through improved people management systems and processes.

SmartHR is one of the most comprehensive human resources management systems on the market today. More than that, it’s a nerve centre for maximizing human potential and performance across your enterprise.

SmartHR collects human resources information that’s scattered over disconnected, independent systems, spreadsheets or databases and places it in a central database, ready for use at a moment’s notice. It also taps into your line-of business systems through synchronised, seamless integration technology.

The result is a sophisticated repository of indexed, searchable and contextualised people data that allows you to see your entire workforce in a completely new light. And you’ll have at your disposal specialised tools to transform that new insight into outstanding operational competency and efficiency. So with SmartHR, your HR processes become more meaningful and intimately linked to your strategy for success.

We have over 20 years of experience and capability, and over the years we’ve helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of satisfied users grow, save time, save money and boost productivity and we’d love to make you our next success story.